TOP 10 Ways to Advertise your Website

Make your web address known:

Include it in your voicemail / answering machine messages. Include your web address as a hyperlink on your e-mail signature.

Word of mouth:

Tell everyone you know that you now offer a convenient online service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Have your web address on everything, including:

Business Cards, Letterhead, Invoices, Bills, Receipts, and Promotional Products such as Pens, Calendars, Mugs, Mouse Pads, etc.

Send faxes, e-mails and mailers to existing customers. Follow up to your customers with:

A monthly newsletter to your customers. Seasonal e-mails and flyers to remind them of their upcoming holiday needs.

Network with other businesses:

Ask local businesses to refer customers to your site. Leave promotional materials (business cards, postcards) that they can distribute to their customers.

Advertise and register:

When starting to advertise locally, contact your Chamber of Commerce and place your web address on their business directory, both online and off. Get a list of local businesses to contact about the great products you have available.

Display banners inside and outside your store/vehicle:

The more people who see your new web address, the more likely people are to visit your website.

Have a computer available in your store to show your customers how easy it is to order online!

List your site on a search engine:

Advertising online allows you to reach a world of potential customers. The customers that you reach through online advertising are already comfortable purchasing quality products online.