Magnets & Marketing

Published on 02/07/13

How many times do you open your refrigerator a day? If you are average the answer would be 15 to 20 times. Why not incorporate a magnet for your clients into you’re marketing mix? If you have opportunity to put your custom branded magnet in a business break room that would really boost your exposure! Even in a small household it would do you good to be thought of up to 20 times each day. Magnets are affordable, practical, simple and effective adverting tools.


Here are 8 tips for using magnets as promotional tools:

1. Business card magnets

2. Personal or professional photo magnets

3. Use a magnet as a Save-the-Date for a special event

4. Use at a trade show as a free giveaway to attract more people to your booth

5. Promote them as a handy tool for picking up stray safety pins or paper clips.

6. Give away calendar magnets with your contact information and logo

7. Give them to customers as a thank-you gift for using your service

8. Offer 10% off when the magnet is used as a referral source

A Baylor University study suggests that companies who give promotional gifts to customers receive 22% more referrals than those who don’t. Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas conducted research that revealed customers who received promotional products re-ordered up to 18% sooner than those who received coupons.

Lastly, magnets are lasting and memorable. This simple promotional tool is the perfect way to advertise your small business without breaking the budget.